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  Professional Accounting & 
  Consulting ServicesSM

"The one thing we know today is we can't continue to do business the way we have in the past."
                                                                                                          --then acting baseball commissioner Bud Selig. Dec. 9, 1992













Professional Accounting & Consulting ServicesSM provides a wide range of accounting, computer, and management services to individuals and small to mid-size businesses. 

Our Goal

We forge long-term partnerships with clients by providing them with the on-going support and information they need to be successful. 

Our Commitment
Our clients are treated with courtesy and integrity. Our commitment is to provide quality services, excellent customer service, and uncompromising business ethics.

Our services
A strong financial backbone is critical to the well-being of every business. To that end, we provide services ranging from basic accounting tasks to managing your entire accounting department.    


  • Analysis and interpretation of financial information
  •  Audit preparation
  •  Cost effective solutions for your financial needs
  •  Design and implementation of systems and procedures
  •  Installation and updating of accounting software
  •  Management consulting
  •  Payroll database set-up and maintenance
  •  Preparation of payroll, sales and property tax returns
  •  Processing of financial statements
  •  QuickBooks reporting
  •  QuickBooks set-up, training, and support
  •  Special purpose reports
  •  Staff training 

Professional Accounting & Consulting Services
Post Office Box 32736
Baltimore, Maryland 21282-2736

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